Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the difference between your premium service and the firefox extension?
The premium service is for those who want a reliable, ads-free secure browsing experience. The Firefox extension is for those who want access to hundreds of different IP addresses around the world.

Why do you offer so many IP addresses?
The ability to switch to a new IP address gives you finer grain control over your web identity: you can start a fresh, independent browsing session any time you like. It also makes our service more reliable: if one IP is down, just connect through another.

How exactly does protect my privacy?
Normally, when you browse a website, the website can access your IP address (the website needs it to deliver you the webpage) and it is usually logged for tracking purposes. Your IP address is often assigned uniquely to your computer by your ISP, making browsing non-anonymous in the sense that your activities under your IP may be linked to your computer. When browsing through, our servers make the requests and forward you the contents, so external websites see our IP address, not your IP address. As our IP addresses are public and shared, your browsing is effectively anonymized. Be advised, however, that does not protect you from other ways your IP address or other identifiable information can unintentionally leak, such as through malicious scripts, embedded objects, or downloaded executables.

How does URL encryption help secure my browsing history?
Normally, the URLs you request traverse many servers on the internet (such as your ISP and other potentially less trustworthy nodes), each of which may be logging the requested URL. When you request a URL through, the URL is encrypted into a unique ID before being sent across the internet to our servers. The ID only works for your session, so anyone trying to see what page you were visiting after the fact should only see an error page returned by our server. In this way, helps make your browsing a little more protected.

How do I verify that my IP address is changed?
You can go to one of many sites that post your IP address, such as